Free & Low Cost, High Impact Resources for Functional Skills and Foundation Math's GCSE.

Why Did They Not Show Me This At School?

Why Did They Not Show Me This At School?

‘Many people avoid mathematics due to a fear of being exposed or being embarrassed because they are unable to complete some types of manual calculation'.

This individual resource book has been specifically designed to change that perception by using a range of simple techniques that quickly overcome barriers to learning. This resource book supports learners at their own pace and provides interlinked techniques are easy to learn/apply, and that quickly develop numeracy skills.

A unique and instant intervention/support resource, for basic maths manual calculations, that utilises unique interlinked strategies for numeracy attainment.

A low cost and ‘high impact’ learning resource that will develop, consolidate, and promote independent learning.

This resource book has been designed to entice not intimidate.

Legitimate success rates (Functional Skills entry 3 to level 2) are consistently achieved, and which exceeds UK national success rates...within weeks!

Empower yourself, unlock your potential future by improving your numeracy skills.

£19.99 P & P (UK £4, Worldwide £7.50).

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